Vitamin D gummies are formulated to prevent vitamin D deficiency as it is predominant among children.

If a child has vitamin D deficiency then his/her body may not be able to absorb adequate calcium from food.

Vitamin D gummies help to improve absorption of Calcium and builds strong bones and teeth.

Calcium gummies are for children who are fussy about drinking milk or are lactose intolerant.

Gummies also contain Vitamin D because it improves the absorption of Calcium by the body.

Calcium and Vitamin D work together to improve child’s structural growth, makes bones and teeth stronger.

Multivitamin gummies are conceptualised for fussy and picky eaters.

They are formulated to include nutrients that are toughest to get consistently from food.

Taking multivitamin gummies daily can help to improve child’s growth, development, immunity and energy.

Nutribears gummies are conceptualized for
fuzzy/picky eaters.

Gummies are a 'convenient dosage form' for
children and have been well accepted worldwide.

We stand behind the science, research
and quality
of our gummies.

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